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Do You Have Employees Or Manage People? An Easy Way To Manage Time Off and Attendance? Employee Time Card, Track
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31 March 2013

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This is a software solution to monitor attendance and off-time of employees.

This is a tool that helps you keep a record of all kinds of attendance data of your employees. You would be able to track labor costs and thereby save money on your projects. This one tool will let you track just about every detail about employee attendance. Besides actual attendance time, it will also record vacation time and absences. You and your managers then will be able to manage make up time and partial days out. Sick leave and family medical leave are also accounted for. With this kind of complete details, it will be easy to meet state and federal compliance requirements. Reporting is quite flexible and easy. Getting reports printed is no hassle either. The data is collected all at one place and thus can be easily protected through passwords.

There is no need to note down anything on paper, nor any need for creating a spreadsheet. If necessary, data can be exported through Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents. The interface is simple and most people should be able to get familiarized very quickly with it and get productive. Various categories of time out could be entered. There is a clock to indicate time, on the interface. Details of off-time for a given period are displayed on the space provided on the left of the interface area. If need be, notes can be added for each time-off. This is a very good product and could be tried easily in your work flow. If there’s a need for such a product, you could just go-ahead and try it.

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Do You Have Employees Or Manage People? An Easy Way To Manage Time Off and Attendance? Employee Time Card, Track Employee Time, Control Labor Costs, Saves Money, Minimizes Federal & State Law Compliance Risks, No Hassle Tracking Of Vacation Time & Absences, Easily Manages Make Up Time & Partial Days Out, No More Paper Or Spread Sheets, Monitors Sick Leave & Family Medical Leave, All Organized In One Place & Password Protected, Easy Customized Reporting & Printing
Version 1.0.1
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